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Fish House Philosophy

For the best in food, service, value and atmosphere, you can’t choose our restaurant. We guarantee you the freshest seafood, delivered daily to our dock, prepared to your liking.

About Our Location

All our locations are providing a wonderful open-air venue to enjoy meal all year round, we offer both indoor and alfresco dining and our focus is on serving the absolute freshest fish and seafood.


123, New Lenox,
Chicago, IL 60606

M-F 11am-2am
Sa 10am-3am
Su 10am-2am

What’s new?

Бяла риба

Бяла риба

Бяла риба филе на плоча с чесън и масло и сочни картофи.

Рибена супа

Рибена супа

Ароматната ни рибена супа. Животворния нектар на ресторант Бяла река, заради който имаме клиенти дори от Сърбия.

Експлозия от вкусове

Експлозия от вкусове

Филе от пъстърва на плоча, с броколи и лимонов сос.

Our promise

Cook Good

We cook seafood like
rock stars, truly

We have the best chef and his team. We can prepare a specific meal by request, cooked to taste with our fresh, local seafood

Cook Quick

We guess you don’t like
to wait for too long

We cook too hot and too fast. We like fire, we cook fast, tasty and healthy! Our professional team never let you wait for your order


We know everything
about wines

We have a great bar selection and friendly bar tenders. At our pub, we proudly offer our guests to taste our best types of wine

Chef in House Explains

Quality to Die For

Meet our chef! Today, he is a culinary talent, passion for fresh seafood, and dedication to all aspects of running a restaurant serve him well as Executive Chef of Seafood Restaurant, a role he earned after many successful years
Feel Yourself as a Valued Guest

Cozy Atmosphere

We guarantee you the best seafood, delivered daily to our dock, prepared to your liking, our focus is on serving the absolute freshest fish and seafood. We offer a wonderful open-air venue to relax and enjoy the best view of sunset

Happy guests say

Шеф Радев е на кулинарен тур!
Едно място, което често подминаваме по подбалканския път - Ресторант "Бяла Река".
Опитахме пържени филета пъстърва с лимонов сос и магданоз, както и пъстърва на скара с горчица и мед. Отбивката си заслужава, атмосферата е много приятна, а храната уникално вкусна! На тръгване може да закупите прясна пъстърва от развъдника.

Шеф Радев

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